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TIHA is pleased to let you know that there is an opportunity for you to advertise horses you have for sale on a specially designed website called www.Horsemarket.ie This website was presented to members of TIHA at the annual general meeting in Athlone in January. Following feedback from members at the meeting Horsemarket.ie has created a special section for people wishing to advertise traditionally-bred horses. Development of this facility has been done in co-operation with representatives of TIHA.

Horsemarket.ie is offering members of TIHA the opportunity to advertise horses for sale, free of charge providing details are sent to Horsemarket.ie. Advertisements sent in will be published on a new version of the website which has an exclusive area specifically for the traditionally-bred Irish horse. This opportunity is presented as an element of TIHA marketing actions for members.

If you are interested in posting ads on the site, please remember that photos are a very important (and essential from a viewers point of view) part of the advertisement. A useful guide to photographing horses for sale has been compiled by the team at HorseMarket.

Horsemarket.ie contact details are info@horsemarket.ie or mobile phone Fiona 086 8581312 or Loraine 087 0642402.


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