The TIHA is developing a National Breeding Plan. This plan will involve a targeted and pioneering approach and will be focused initially on the conservation and development of a quality nucleus stock of traditional mares and stallions with performance bloodlines of high genetic merit. Its aim is to identify, conserve and improve the Traditional Irish Horse population.

The key strategy of our breeding plan is to conserve the remaining top quality genetics of the TIH population by the implementation of a planned breeding programme along with a filly and colt retention scheme.  Coupled with a higher standard of breeding and production, it is the intention of the TIHA, through its policies, to increase the market value of traditional Irish stock for the home and export markets.

This will ensure that Ireland will continue to be the ‘go to ‘place for sourcing the renowned Traditional Irish Horse whose unique characteristics set them apart from other equines on the world stage.

The Breeding Plan programmes will aim to ensure retention of the very best mares at home, in order to nurture and develop the highly valued export market for their progeny.  At all times this plan will be measured, monitored and market driven. It will take into consideration changing market trends so that Traditional Irish Horse breeding and production can evolve and develop continuously.  The aim is to ensure timely progress in delivering a high-quality equine product which is relevant and desirable in the prevailing market conditions.

We will be updating our members and supporters on the developments as we make progress.  If you  would like to become a sponsor of such a programme or get involved please contact