If your company would like to partner with the TIHA at key national and international events/ shows and across its digital platforms why not get in touch with us today to discuss it.  Benefits include cross-marketing opportunities and offering your company a creative and innovative way to reach new audiences and demographics.   We are looking for brands and media partners who would be interested in coming on board to work with us to help the TIHA achieve its Development Strategy Goals and in turn, be helping your company Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) goals while also achieving for the bottom line and establishing brand impact.


The TIH has a presence in the equestrian marketplace globally.  Our UK friends and neighbours have an enormous affinity and love of the Traditional Irish Horse and it is our biggest market.  We would welcome the opportunity to discuss with Show and Event Organisers the opportunities to hold a special TIH Class or Demonstration to showcase and raise awareness amongst their audiences of what a Traditional Irish Horse Breed is and how to find or source one.  The TIHA have leading industry experts who can support this through keynote speaking, master classes and live demos.

Contact the TIHA today we would be delighted to meet with you to look at how we can work together.