As with every industry, the TIHA recognise that the future of the Traditional Irish Horse belongs to our next generation of breeders and producers.  It is, therefore, crucial to develop the skills and potential of our youth to engage with them and create a network of energy and passion to strengthen and propel us forward.

Our initial programme is the TIH Mentoring Horsemanship Programme which will bring the craft of Judging to the fore.  In an era of speed and change, we recognise the need to preserve the craft of horsemanship. Our Mentors have an exceptional and dynamic understanding of horses and students will get to study with some of the best in the industry in an engaging and constructive environment.

This programme is designed so students get the opportunity to shadow a mentor while they are judging and be supported by online content and practical demonstrations.   We will also run a  facebook Judging Live feed where you get to see classes been run and judged to further support your learning.

Horsemanship Mentoring Programmes :

  • Young Horses - 3-year-olds jumpers and Eventer Programme
  • Young Horses - 4-year-olds jumpers and Eventer programmes
  • Hunter - Show and Working Programme and in hand
  • Stallions & Broodmares and foal Programme

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