Welcome to the Traditional Irish Horse Association (TIHA). On this website, we hope to help you learn about Irelands most iconic performance and leisure horse, the Traditional Irish Horse. Learn about its history and sporting performance on the world stage, its high performance bloodlines and its contribution to Irelands culture and economy.

The Traditional Irish Horse (TIH) is ever present in eventing, show jumping, hunting and showing. It has evolved over centuries and its genetic value to Ireland as a breeding nation is of immense importance. The Traditional Irish Horse Association (TIHA) is Irelands advocate for the conservation and development of the Traditional Irish Horse, which was a world leading breed in showjumping and eventing throughout the 20th century but whose presence at the highest levels of these sports has decreased in recent decades. The breeding and sourcing of suitable stallions is a critical issue as is the conservation and development of our top mare-lines, many of which are being lost to the traditional gene pool. These issues have created the sense of urgency for TIHA to prioritise and implement a comprehensive national breeding and development plan for the Traditional Irish Horse.

The Association is working tirelessly to improve TIH breeding and ensure this indigenous horse breed is represented and promoted to our national and international stakeholders, buyers, breeders and riders.

We hope you enjoy learning about the Traditional Irish Horse and the work and advocacy of the Association. We ask you to join us to support our work to secure and develop the availability for future generations of this wonderful and very specific breed: The Traditional Irish Horse.