Official Studbook Category for Traditional Irish Horse 

From 2017 all TIH foals registered in the Irish Sport Horse Studbook will have ‘Traditional Irish Horse Category ISH(TIH)’ referenced on their passports.  Their TIH status will also be published on IHR Online (formerly CapallOir) where breeders now have the facility to filter search results for TIH horses, making them easier to identify.

In order to be eligible for this TIH Category equines must meet the following definition of a Traditional Irish Horse (TIH):

Be registered in the Main Section of the Irish Sport Horse Studbook


Have only the following breeds recorded in their pedigree: Irish Sport Horse, Irish Draught, Thoroughbred, Connemara Pony.  Do not have any foreign ancestors recorded in their back pedigree


Have no unknown ancestors in the first two generations


All Irish Sport Horse ancestors from the second generation back with unknown/partial pedigree must have been born before 1982.

Breeders that have queries regarding the identification of TIH horses in the ISH Studbook can submit their query to the following email address:

Reference: Horse Sport Ireland (HSI)

Photo Credit: Noelle Floyd