The TIHA would like to acknowledge all the work and contributions that have assisted the Association.  Your support collaboration and areas of expertise have assisted us greatly and as we move forward we hope you will move with us and continue with us and build upon our vision for the Traditional Irish Horse.  It is worthwhile to note that the Equestrian Industry worldwide is changing all the time.  We are not an association that lives in the past but an association who recognises the real long-term prospects for the TIH.  The TIHA is moving forward and our TIH is a product for the future with a proven reputation and golden legacy. The foundation is in place we are now ready to rebuild.

Our Members

Firstly to our members who have supported the vision that the founding council members had in formalising the Irish Horse Breeding Society into the Traditional Irish Horse Association in 2012 and who have travelled this road with us. Thank you.

Our Sponsors 

Thank you to the sponsors who support a host of classes throughout the year we are forever grateful that they continue to sponsor and celebrate a great rural tradition of horsemanship.

Horse Sport Ireland

Thank you to  Horse Sport Ireland our most important stakeholder in sharing our vision again and collaborating with us in important research work with Dr Hill of Plus Vital.  The breeding research is critical to the ongoing development work for the TIHA and using all of our expertise and sharing knowledge is building positive pathways to better outcomes for the Irish Equestrian Industry.  We look forward to ongoing collaboration. Thank you for the use of Horse Sports Ireland's marketing collaterals especially their portfolio of sports photography for use as part of this initiative. The TIHA is delighted to feature the integration of the platform the Irish Horse Gateway for our members and buyers benefit on our website.


To Tadhg Ryan for all his work in terms of providing video and media content to the TIHA over the years. Thank you also for the reproduction of BIT Media photography on the TIHA site.

Dublin Horse Show & RDS

Iconic and historic yet innovative and modern, the Traditional  Irish Horse and the Dublin Horse Show share much in common. The Dublin Horse Show has supported the TIHA work and we are most grateful to be able to showcase some of the finest TIH's in Ireland at this world famous event.    Thank you for your support and thank you to Marcus O'Donnell for his contribution and research on Elite Traditional Irish Mares. It has given the TIHA industry a wealth of critical data to enable us to make informed decisions and breeding plans.

Our Breeders

To the breeders of the Traditional Irish Horse who have stood by Traditional breeding in often challenging times over the last few years but are steadfast in their commitment to the preservation and improvement of the Traditional Irish Horse.  Your determination is appreciated and you are ensuring that this wonderful horse will have a stronger and more viable future.  Thank you.

The Irish Shows Association

For your commitment to the Traditional Irish Horse community. Your network of Agricultural and county shows enable breeders and producers to showcase the Traditional Irish Horses at their finest. These shows are a vital and important network for all our breeders and producers and underpin the Equestrian Industry at many levels.  Thank you

Our Native Breeds

To our friends in the Connemara Society, the Irish Draught Society and Association and Thoroughbred Stallion owners and mare owners, we rely on your commitment to your breed and your goals in improving and preserving your breeds for our future. We recognise your contribution to the Industry and to the Traditional Irish Horse Industry and thank you.   We look forward to working more closely together in an all Ireland approach for the betterment of all our breeders and Industry.

Our Supporters

To our supporters and fans - Keep riding and buying the TIH and supporting the TIHA in its work your support keeps us motivated. Buy a TIH..and become a member today.


We would like to thank the IFA and James Murphy for their continued support regarding the Traditional Irish Horse and we look forward to working closely in the coming months working on initiatives and policies that will be of benefit to breeders of the Traditional Irish Horse.


Department of Agriculture & Minister Creed

We would like to continue exploring opportunities with the Department and our stakeholders whereby we can collaborate for export-led growth for our industry and look forward to developing integrated innovative programmes that are market led and implementing breeding plans for improvement.

All of us working together in partnerships using our proven equine expertise, supporting new concepts and programmes of change will benefit breeders, buyers and rural Ireland.

Digital Photography & Images 

Permission from photographers has been sought with regard to the use of images on this site.  Where permission for use was not sought directly it can be noted therefore such images came from the stock image library of Horse Sport Ireland or BIT Media with their expressed permission as part of this initiative.  Any images that are published on the TIHA website are not an endorsement of the TIH from riders, breeders or owners unless explicitly stated.   Images used are for the purpose to showcase the Traditional Irish Horse as a representative sample and of its diverse sporting abilities only.