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The Irish HunterPress Release

Noel Mullins’ New Book - The Irish Hunter

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Photo Journalist and author Noel Mullins’ latest book ‘The Irish Hunter’ a tribute to the Irish Hunter is a hardback cover book with a full colour compilation of over 500 photos with more than 200 images of this unique horse crossing the Irish countryside. Its exceptional ability and its reputation for having that mysterious 5th leg is clearly demonstrated jumping cross country fences such as stone walls, double banks, ditches, hedges, streams, off roads, onto roads, and even man made fences such as wire, gates, pallets, concrete railings, and even a church pew and a bed post that one occasionally comes across hunting in the Irish countryside!

In addition to images from the hunting field, it also contains images from cross country events such as the Ward Antler Challenge, Athlacca/Dromin Charity Cross Country Run, the Ballymacad Hunting Extravaganza, Hunt Chase, Hunter Trials, and Eventing. Added to that are images from National Hunt Point to Point racing that has its origins in steeplechasing in Ireland, Side Saddle, Irish Hunters overseas in the USA, UK, Germany, Italy, France and the Czech Republic, as well as the Champion Hunters at the Dublin Horse Show, and the Clifden Connemara Pony Show.

The book also looks in an informative way at the origins of the horse in Ireland, and particularly breeds such as the Irish Draught Horse, the Connemara Pony, and the Thoroughbred that when crossed in breeding produce the Irish Hunter.

To Order – On line – www.noelmullins.com

Contact – email – noelmullins@hotmail.com

Other Books by Noel Mullins, ‘Horse Tales & Hunt Talk’, and’ The Origins of Irish Horse Fairs & Horse Sales’.

Press Release

15th November 2015

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